Infastructure Crowdfunding 2018


Alright, so the Mrs. is getting a little sour about me paying for the server myself, so with the blessing of the rest of leadership, I’m setting up a PayPal fund for the server. Right now we’re running about $10-$15 a month based on usage, but as we’re growing it’s going up. I’d really like to be able to future proof a little and upgrade our box as lately we’ve been hitting the cap on memory.

In nerd talk we’re maxed out on RAM and I’ve had to increase the swap file which is eating into actual storage. EVE ESI pulls a lot of information and storing a lot of common requests locally helps cut down on calls and improve performance, so storage space is somewhat valuable as well.

Anyways, it’s obviously not much but if we can get enough to support $20-$25 a month, services will run like butter for the foreseeable future and I’ll have the overhead to grow and improve things.

So, I’m asking if you’re a little blessed on the financial side of life, to kick in a few bucks to make sure when @Blaster_Masterson drops another Titan on Pandemic Horde that TeamSpeak3 isn’t shitting itself when we all log in to watch. Hopefully we can raise enough to pay for things for at least six months or the next year.

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I’ll come up with some kind of cool auth/forum/TS3 icon for those that donate as well. Maybe a cool kids subforum/channel for donors if desired.


I heard you want money. Have some money!


What are you needing… I have a lot of extra IT shit stored at my house and I may be able to provide it to you for free.


hope 25 is ok <3 cheers


he is money laundering


:wink: tiny help#MBLGA#


From China With Love :heartpulse: :cn:


I’m poor as fuck, but I have a small VPS (4GB RAM, 2.4GHz CPU) I can share if your server can’t handle all of our infrastructure.


Shut up and take my money! tosses a crisp hundred at Rina



in for 10 a month. make it sing!


Sent 30 over.



Only just joined but ill stick £10 GBP in mid week once i been paid on the 1/2 nd :slight_smile:
ill update when i done it.